The Kosovo Manufacturing Club within the Environmental Strategy wants to build a sustainable development of the economic sector that respects and cares for the environment.

Protecting the natural environment and reducing our environmental impacts this strategy aims to achieve it only through partnership. The success of this strategy depends on the combined efforts of numerous conservation and sustainability groups in the country, businesses and other governmental and non-governmental organizations. The aim of the Strategy is to support, supplement and promote these efforts.

The overall purpose of this strategy is to develop activities that would improve the long-term quality of life through the creation of a sustainable production sector that is resource efficient and the development of social and innovative potential of an economy that provides prosperity, environmental protection and social cohesion.

The main objectives of the strategy are to:

  • Establish an action plan for waste recycling.
  • Encourage environmental pollution reduction.
  • Improving the environment in polluted areas by undertaking concrete actions, such as cleaning the environment or planting seedlings – that would create better living conditions for people.
  • To draft studies that would affect the mitigation and depletion of natural resources; to stop the degradation of biodiversity.