The Kosovo Manufacturing Club today organized the workshop “Trade Facilitation through Authorized Economic Operators”, a workshop organized in cooperation with Kosovo Customs, in the framework of easing trade barriers for local manufacturers.

The main purpose of this workshop was to discuss what this concept contains and to inform local manufacturers in more detail about this concept.

The workshop was attended by representatives from Kosovo Customs who explained to the participants the guide on AEO, legal advice, information on who can become AEO, what are the benefits of AEO, the application and authorization process, as well as about the delivery information of AEO applications.

The concept of Authorized Economic Operators (AEO) was introduced as one of the main elements of the security amendment of the Customs and Excise Code of Kosovo. It was said in the workshop that an AEO can be defined as an economic operator which is considered reliable, in the context of its customs procedures and therefore has the right to enjoy certain benefits throughout Kosovo. In this context, an economic operator means a person who, during his business is involved in activities covered by customs legislation.

The AEO program is open to all economic operators, including small and medium enterprises, regardless of their role in the international supply chain.

During the workshop it was shown that the holder of AEO status has some rights and advantages as for example, has a smaller number of document checks on customs. Priority shipment treatment in case of selection for control, faster access, and opportunity to request a specific place for control, and some other advantages.

The participating manufacturers had the opportunity to submit their requests and address the problems they have in relation to the trade of their goods. They also expressed their gratitude for the support so far and welcome the ongoing cooperation.