The Kosovo Manufacturing Club expresses its deep opposition to the problems and the situation created with the electricity supply. The energy supply crisis we are going through is causing enormous damage to local manufacturers.

For some time now, local manufacturers have been facing irregular power supplies, but the latest reductions are more frequent and prolonged and are causing local companies to incur significant losses.

Local manufacturers are operating at extreme production costs, where they are forced to be supplied with energy by generators, and this situation not only increases the costs and costs of products, but also risks losing jobs. Therefore, we ask local institutions to consider the fragile situation of local manufacturers, and to provide solutions so that the manufacturing sector is not involved in electricity cuts.

We must also keep in mind that businesses have long been maintaining social peace, where they pay much higher tariffs than household consumers.

Power outages are not a solution, they are only complicating the circumstances and conditions of the manufacturing sector, so other alternatives must be found which enable the continuation of work for local businesses.