The Kosovo Manufacturing Club today organized an information session on the implementation of the latest measures taken by the Government of Kosovo for the economic development of the country. The Government of the Republic of Kosovo, a few days ago presented the operationalization of measure 2.1 – Support for investment loans and measure 2.4 – Export growth.

The purpose of organizing this information session was the concrete review of what these measures constitute, but also what are the direct benefits of manufacturers from these measures. Also present at this session was the Minister of Finance, Labor, and Transfers, Mr. Hekuran Murati.

According to Minister Murati, the adoption of these two measures aims for the local economy to focus on manufacture and exports, so that we have sustainable economic growth, which is isolated and resists external forces of inflation. During this session, he revealed the details regarding the conditions and criteria for benefiting from these measures, which in essence aim at expanding production capacities and increasing employment.

Minister Murati explained that measure 2.1 provides for the subsidy of investment loans for manufacturing businesses in the amount of 20% of the loan, the subsidy of loans for women-owned businesses in the amount of 20%, but also 10% of the subsidy of loans for businesses in need of liquidity.

Whereas measure 2.4, provides financial support for producers up to 10,000 euros for capacity building of managerial staff or for professional certification, but also a subsidy of up to 20,000 euros for capacity building for staff engaged in manufacturing. This measure also envisages subsidizing up to 50,000 euros for branding and marketing of products or for participation in international fairs, as an opportunity to find new markets.

The manufacturing businesses that participated in this session had the opportunity to ask Mr. Murati and clarified their concrete demands. Also, Minister Murati showed that with these measures the Government of Kosovo will continue to support local manufacturers in the economic revival of the country.