The fourth edition of the Green Festival will take place from October 30th and 31st at the “1 Tetori” Sports Hall in Pristina. For three consecutive editions, this Festival has been organized by USAID Empower Private Sector, where the third edition was organized in cooperation with the Kosovo Manufacturing Club. As of this year’s edition, this project is implemented by the Kosovo Manufacturing Club.

The concept of the Green Festival is in line with the work of the Kosovo Manufacturing Club, where the main objectives of the Club are to promote “Made in Kosova” products, as well as in line with the Club’s basic strategy which includes employment, economic diplomacy, energy and environment.

Green Festival is the biggest event dedicated to the green sector, with the main aim of enhancing markets and promoting businesses in the field of solar energy, efficient energy and recycling. The Green Festival, offers a networking platform for green business, government agencies, donors and all relevant green energy stakeholders. At the two-day event, around 45 companies will display their Kosovo- made “green” products and services at the Green Pavilion.

In this edition the construction and building companies will be presented as well. Innovative construction projects promoting modern ‘Green’ living, will be part of this edition.

The 4th Edition of the Green Festival will be focused on:

✔️Green and innovative technology

✔️Renewable energy

✔️Sustainable urbanization, construction and design

✔️Environmental protection

Green Forums sessions will also be held during the festival, where international and local experts will present on the latest and the future industry trends in recycling, renewable energy, energy efficiency and the importance of “going green”.

Also, a series of parallel activities that will attract people of all ages will be held with the theme of green energy.