The Partnership for Economic Development, where Kosovo Manufacturing Club is a part of, met with the acting chairman of PDK, Enver Hoxhaj. During the meeting, the general situation of the manufacturers in the country was discussed, with a special focus on the problems that the manufacturers have with a regular energy supply. The Partnership for Economic Development requested from this meeting the support of Mr. Hoxhaj for the postponement of the decision of ERO (Energy Regulatory Office) for the liberalization of the energy market.

Given that in Kosovo the conditions for market liberalization have not yet been created and where energy supply is still provided by only one operator, the Development Partnership seeks to take all necessary legal actions to extend this deadline again until the establishment of circumstances which would enable the liberalization of the energy market.

This is because both local manufacturers, but also commercial consumers in the absence of competition for energy supply, face circumstances which reduce their bargaining power as consumers, thus potentially paying for energy tariffs higher than the average of regulated tariffs. This situation violates the principles of market economy with free competition, which is the basis of economic regulation of the Republic of Kosovo, and severely harms the consumer and especially the local manufacturers.

The Economic Development Partnership is an initiative of the Kosovo Manufacturing Club together with the Kosovo ICT Association, the Association of Kosovo Wood Processors, the Metal Industry and Renewable Energy Business Cluster, the Kosovo Association for Apparel Marketing , and the Kosovo Women’s Chamber of Commerce.