The Manufacturing Club reacts to the poisoning of about 26 Kosovo officials who were tasked with counting envelopes with ballots coming from Serbia. The case is a grave offense and the culprits should be punished, and such cases should not be repeated.

This act primarily violates the statehood of the Republic of Kosovo, but most importantly this poisoning is only a continuation of Serbian aggression over the years, with mass poisoning of Kosovar students, but also the constant “poisoning” that Serbia has done with their products for the Kosovo market. For years Serbia has been exporting products that could easily have contained such contamination. This situation is no different from the events of the past years, but it also shows that Serbia’s aggressive intentions always remain the same.

The Manufacturing Club expresses its concern and demands from national authorities to react and request taking responsibility and not to allow similar scenarios to happen again. Also, once again demands that Serbian products be completely boycotted by the Kosovo citizen.