The Kosovo Manufacturing Club warns of the alarming situation of the energy market, after the decision to approve market liberalization, more precisely the creation of opportunities for consumers to enter the open market according to the principles and deadlines set in the Law on Electricity.

The Manufacturing Club these days is advocating for the postponement of the decision of ERO (Energy Regulatory Office) for the liberalization of the energy market, given that in Kosovo the conditions for market liberalization have not yet been created and where the supply of energy is still provided by only one operator.

With the new contracts envisaged for energy, the cost of energy will be around 30% more expensive which is offered by the operator in the market KESCO. This cost greatly increases the costs of manufacturers and increases the costs of production, aggravating the difficult situation, and thus risks losing jobs.

Therefore, we urgently ask the political parties and the parliament of Kosovo to monitor the situation and find the appropriate legal modalities to postpone this decision, until the creation of circumstances that would enable the liberalization of the energy market.

This situation violates the principles of market economy with free competition, which is the basis of economic regulation of the Republic of Kosovo, and severely harms the consumer and especially the local manufacturers.