The Kosovo Manufacturing Club organized today the discussion panel “Increasing Exports through Private Label”, a discussion held within the Private Label Network Kosovo.

Manufacturing Club has launched the Private Label Network Kosovo initiative, which aims to support, develop, and promote private label manufacturers. This initiative aims to familiarize Kosovar manufacturers with this concept but also to increase the export of local products by finding new markets for manufacturers.

Private Label products are products that are produced and packaged by a manufacturing company, but then labeled with the brand of another sales company.

It was in the framework of this initiative that the discussion panel “Increasing Exports through Private Labels” was organized, during which the main issues of private labels were discussed, including the importance and advantages of private labels, strategies for growing business through private labels and collaboration between manufacturers, wholesalers / retailers. Also at the end there was a presentation on industrial property.

During his speech, the chairman of the Manufacturing Club, Mr. Berat Mustafa showed that within the Made in Kosovo platform, the Club is enabling Kosovar producers to export abroad. The Private Label Network Initiative (Private Label Network Kosovo) is an additional goal for strengthening our country’s exports. We hope that this panel discussion will be a good initiative and will strengthen this initiative, where the focus of the whole country will be focused on the development of private labels in our country, as a good and very real opportunity to increase the export of our products in foreign markets. ”- he added during the discussion.