Kosovo Manufacturing Club together with STIKK- Kosovo Information and Communication Technology Association, KWPA – Kosovo Wood Processors Association, KIMERK – Kosovo Metal Industry and Renewable Energy Business Cluster, KAMA – Association Kosovo for Apparel Marketing, and G7 – Kosovo Women’s Chamber of Commerce, have initiated the Partnership for Economic Development platform.

The Partnership for Economic Development is an initiative which aims to advocate for the general economic development of our country, and in particular of the sectors that we represent as organizations. The main objective of this partnership is the sustainable economic development of our country. But also, the initiation of changes in policies and laws which increase the competitiveness of local companies and promote and advance Made in Kosovo products and services.

During today, the Partnership for Economic Development organized two meetings, with the candidates for Prime Minister from the party LDK and PDK, more precisely with Mr. Avdullah Hoti and Mr. Enver Hoxhaj. The purpose of the meetings was to provide detailed information on the Economic Plan that they plan to implement in the event of the formation of the government.

Due to the pandemic, a limited number of manufacturers were present, but the event was broadcast live on social networks of all organizations part of the Economic Development Partnership.