The Kosovo Manufacturing Club together with the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce organized today the conference “Future and Challenges of Renewable Energy in Kosovo”  to address issues that affect the future of renewable energy and the development of this sector. During the conference, incentive fees were discussed as one of the main incentives for investment in renewable energy.

The existing regulatory framework for promoting energy projects from renewable sources in Kosovo was reviewed as well as the opportunities and importance of financing this sector from financial institutions in Kosovo.

Astrit Panxha, executive director of the Manufacturing Club, said that one of the biggest challenges for manufacturers is the continuing lack of electricity supply, which is causing businesses huge losses. According to Panxha, the liberalization of the energy market should be postponed, as many economic operators are unwilling to cope with this process. He also stressed that the price of the incentive fee should reflect the investment price, in order to not discourage potential investors.

Meanwhile, Berat Rukiqi-chair of KCC shared the satisfaction that such discussions like this one over unconventional energy resources are increasing over the years. According to him, three elements need to be considered in electricity generation: security of supply or stability, cost and environmental protection. He stressed that it should be continued with incentive fees and urged financial institutions to increase support for this sector.

Arbnor Kastrati from the “Renewable Energy Association” asked government institutions to be more accountable in their public statements. He further added that institutions should see businesses as partners and collaborators in compiling their strategies.

Meanwhile, EBRD and IFC representatives Vlora Avdiu-Burani and Visar Perani discussed ways of funding projects that develop the green energy sector. Where the EBRD alone invested over 60 million euros over the past year, with 60% of these funds investing in green energy. While IFC that is part of the World Bank, which has a particular priority for renewable energy.

Present were representatives of the Energy Regulatory Office, representatives of the Kosovo Renewable Energy Association, business representatives and representatives from local and international financial institutions