Kosovo Manufacturing Club through the Made in Kosovo platform today has successfully realized the consecutive sales contract for local manufacturers. This time, the company IMK – Metal Industry of Kosovo has signed a sales contract with the company Kovaci Termo in Lezha – Albania, for the sale of steel pipes, in the amount of 53 tons. This contract was realized thanks to the presence of this company on the Made in Kosovo platform.

Made in Kosovo platform is a permanent online fair, where each company has the opportunity to present its products. We invite all local companies to be part of the platform, where digitalization of online presence and promotion of their products will take place. This platform aims to serve the growth and development of Kosovar companies, increase employment in Kosovo and will enable companies to become part of the global value chain.

IMK Company – Kosovo Metal Industry, was satisfied with the services provided by this platform and the support it provides to local manufacturers. IMK – Kosovo Metal Industry is one of the largest factories in Southeast Europe for the production of seamless steel pipes, which are used in various systems of water supply, gas and oil pipelines in many countries around the world.

For more information you can visit the Made in Kosovo platform at http://www.madein-kosova.com/.