The Kosovo Manufacturing Club has certified the youth of the municipalities of Hani i Elezit and Kaçanik who have completed the “On the Job Training” program, which is supported financially by the USAID Project, EMPOWER Private Sector, in partnership with the Swedish Agency for International Development and Cooperation, Sida.

The certifications were given to the interns who completed their training at “Sharrcem” company in the municipality of Hani i Elezit, and other interns who completed their training at “Oxa Group” in the municipality of Kaçanik. Beneficiaries of this program had the opportunity to be trained in the workplace through direct engagement in the companies that they had applied.

“on the Job Training” program aims to mobilize companies in the private sector to engage more actively in youth professional training. Interns have benefited from a qualified and structured training program in accordance with the market needs, and some of the practitioners who have demonstrated outstanding skills have been employed in companies where they have completed the internships.

Vllaznim Osmani from the Kosovo Manufacturing Club, thanked USAID-Empower Private Sector for supporting this project, as well as manufacturing companies for their willingness to be part of the program and offering practical work for the youth of the municipality of Hani i Elezit and Kaçanik.

Deputy Mayor of Hani i Elezit, Mallzum Qajani expressed the pleasure that such a program is being implemented in this municipality, where the needs for employment of young people are very high. He thanked the Manufacturing Club, donors, partner companies and the interns who were part of the program, hoping that this work experience would be the first step towards their career.