The Kosovo Manufacturing Club together with the Albanian business network in Bavaria “Besa Foundation” today on Earth Day started the awareness campaign for environmental protection, where in cooperation with municipalities and the private sector will plant various seedlings in public spaces.

The campaign, which has the slogan, “A gift to the Earth “, started with the planting of the first trees in the business park in Drenas, where the two largest recycling companies in our country, Plastika and Scampa, were present. This campaign comes as a need for commitment to increase and maintain green spaces, but also to raise public awareness of environmental protection.

Environmental protection is also a priority in the framework of the Environmental Strategy, which the KMC has a basic part of functioning, where through it wants to build sustainable development of the economic sector which respects and cares for the environment.

The campaign will continue in the coming weeks, where in cooperation with manufacturing companies, but also with institutions and other competent bodies, various spaces will be green within this project.