The Kosovo Manufacturing Club has called on the Government of the Republic of Albania to lift all trade barriers that Kosovo producers face when exporting their products to the Albanian market. For Kosovo producers, it is unacceptable that such obstacles are still applicable to them, despite the fact that there have been several times that these requests have been addressed to the Albanian government for the removal of barriers and the unification of the Albanian national market. But in addition to promises and words of hope, up to date there has been no attempt to remove these barriers.

The main barriers for Kosovo producers are encountered during the Albanian export market are tariff and non-tariff barriers, wherein each export, the Albanian authorities require the Quality Certificate for products subject to phytosanitary and veterinary control. Then the customs clearance procedures in Albania, the payment of the scanner, the notarization of the analysis, the road tariff on the Nation’s way, the failure to take the invoice price from the Albanian Customs, the implementation of the high excise rate are some of the obstacles which increase the cost production but also lower the level of competitiveness of Kosovo’s products in the Albanian market.