The Manufacturing Club today in a meeting with the Speaker of the Assembly of Kosovo Mrs. Vjosa Osmani, presented the Resolution of Manufacturing, where through it demands that the manufacturing industry to be declared a sector of national importance. The Club urges the Assembly and the Government of Kosovo to support manufacturing companies in order to increase their capacity. It also urges the Assembly and the Government of Kosovo to base the country’s economic recovery on strengthening the manufacturing industry, as the only solution for sustainable economic development.

This resolution requires the Assembly and the Government of the Republic of Kosovo to increase the budget for the manufacturing sector in order to provide financial assistance to the manufacturing industry. Also, this resolution requires the Government of Kosovo to support and assist all manufacturing companies in meeting EU standards regarding the quality of products and conditions set out in the Stabilization and Association Agreement, in order for companies to facilitate the export of domestic products to the EU and make enterprises more competitive in the EU market.

The Speaker of Assembly, Mrs. Osmani thanked the representatives of the Manufacturing Club for the visit and expressed readiness to support this resolution but also the manufacturing sector in general.