The Energy Strategy of Kosovo Manufacturing Club addresses the energy, economic, institutional and legislative dimensions of the energy development in the manufacturing sector. The aim of this strategy is to recommend and suggest an Action Plan for the government of Kosovo that would help the energy sector and the overall sustainable development of the country.

Kosovo is faced with the challenge of providing sustainable, secure and affordable energy. The energy strategy of KMC identifies these challenges and in cooperation with all relevant stakeholders strives to respond to these challenges.
The KMC’s energy strategy is driven by these main objectives:

  • Energy supplies that will ensure the reliable provision of energy whenever and wherever it is needed.
  • Energy providers that would operate in a competitive environment that ensures affordable prices for manufacturing sector.
  • Energy consumption that would be sustainable, through the lowering pollution and fossil fuel dependence.
  • To promote energy efficiency and demand side measures by rethinking energy systems (supporting smart grid infrastructure and advanced technologies).
  • To boost the domestic production of energy and promote the role of the energy sector in building a stronger economy.


KMC believes that these goals provide a stable policy framework on energy efficiency, which would contribute to a sustainable economic development of the country and give investors more certainty to invest.