The Kosovo Manufacturing Club opposes the proposal of the Ferizaj’s Assembly to approve the Municipal Regulation for setting the working hours of business and other activities in the Municipality of Ferizaj. This regulation covers all types of activities and sets their working hours, and it decides that Sunday should be a day off for businesses.

The proposal to adopt such a regulation is not welcomed by businesses that operate on Sundays, as this decision will firstly contradict with the labor law that is practiced in the Republic of Kosovo. Also, this regulation will cause losses for businesses, losses these that will reflect in the reduction of the production capacities and consequently affects the jobs positions for the workers.

This regulation will have only negative effects and will complicate the business climate in our country, where first the capital investments will be affected and there will be a risk that investors will not see the city of Ferizaj as a favorable for investments, as the level of budget circulation will decrease and the investments may go to the neighboring countries.

Therefore, before making such decisions, it is advisable to consult the private sector in advance, and consider its requirements. It is well known that the growth and development of the private sector is one of the essential components for the overall socio-economic development of our country.