The Kosovo Manufacturing Club’s Employment Strategy aims to improve the vocational education and training system in coordination with all relevant partners. An important part of this system will be building a sustainable partnership with all labor market actors.

The main objective of this strategy is to identify and design appropriate promotional policies for vocational training in the manufacturing sector as well as to encourage employment in the country in order to promote quality jobs and vocational training opportunities.

This strategy will be based on a system where vocational schools and vocational training centers, jointly and under the direction of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, will form a unified vocational education and training system, capable of contributing to the development of professional qualification in the manufacturing sector, focusing on young people.

Through this strategy, the aim is to improve the conditions of employment and to increase the level of employment, making gradual transition from passive unemployment policies to employment incentive policies.

The purpose of the KMC’s employment strategy is to:

  • Encourage and create new jobs in the manufacturing sector.
  • Utilizing the potential of the manufacturing sector in creating new jobs.
  • Encouraging companies to protect their jobs.
  • Develop active labor market policies and vocational training.
  • Improving the skills gap between market demands and vocational training.