Kosovo Manufacturing Club has successfully completed the fourth edition of the Green Festival.

Participants in the fourth edition of the Green Festival were 47 different companies from the green sector such as recycling, energy efficient, solar and renewable energy, green and innovative technology as well. For the first time in the fourth edition, the construction component was part of the Green Festival with a focus on efficient construction and sustainable urbanism.

The fourth edition of the Green Festival was organized by the Kosovo Manufacturing Club in partnership with USAID Empower Private Sector, GIZ Kosovo, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kosovo, Procredit Bank, and Teb Bank.

Present in Opening Ceremony of the Green Festival were organizations, NGO-s, government agencies, embassies representatives and donors in Kosovo.

Green Festival aims to provide a networking platform for the green businesses sector, government agencies, and donors. To promote green businesses in Kosovo to increase the market and generate new jobs. Advocation for the improvement of policies, laws, and regulations necessary for the growth of the green sector as well as raising public awareness of the advantages of adopting green technology practices and environmental protection.

The 47 participating companies exhibited their “green products” at the Green Pavilion, and some of the companies presented the most innovative projects to the public. The fourth edition of the Green Festival was visited by about 1900 visitors over the two days that the festival lasted. The visitors had the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest trends and newest technology of the green sector in the Kosovo market, as well as with the participating companies by being closely informed about the products and services that these companies provide in Kosovo market.

As part of the Green Festival activities were Green Forums where different sessions were held during the two days of the Green Festival by local and international experts which it was discussed about the newest trends in the green sector and opportunities for investing in businesses in the green sector in Kosovo, as well as the importance of Renewable energy, Energy efficiency, and recycling.