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Preparation of detailed Business Plan for development of the Kosovar Centre for Manufacturing Excellence (KOCME)



Kosovo Manufacturing Club (KMC) is a not-for-profit organization established in November 2015 with three main objectives: to advocate for policy change on behalf of the local producers, to increase the cooperation between local producers and other stakeholders and finally to raise awareness and promote local products Made in Kosova.

Members of the KMC are manufacturing companies that represent different sectors operating in Kosovar market. The main focus of the KMC is to play an important role in advocating policy changes towards local producers by providing evidence based arguments to the relevant institutions. Also, KMC is experienced on organizing conferences and forums related to the sustainable economic development based on local resources

Another important segment of our activities is promotion of locally produced goods and services Made in Kosovo, where our organization plays an important role in raising the awareness among Kosovars regarding the benefits that arise by consumption of local products. We have organized many different activities in order to promote local products to different segments of the society

About KOCME Project

KMC is working with its partners on creating structured program for skills development to give young people the tools and skills they need to find a job. The youth is one of the greatest strength of Kosovar economy, taking into account that they make the majority of population. Most of the reports and studies available indicate that the majority of the young remains inactive, and those actively seeking for job in the market are faced with daunting challenges. This situation requires an structured approach in promoting youth participation in the labor market by ensuring that they have the skills they need to success and by fostering the creation of suitable job.

In order to be successful in today’s knowledge economy, Kosovar companies need to boost not only the skills of local people but also the utilization and deployment of these skills within companies. By ensuring that skills are utilized effectively, Kosovar companies can become more competitive and host better quality and better paid jobs, better quality product and stimulate innovation.


With this in mind, KMC is planning to establish a Kosovar Centre for Manufacturing Excellence (KOCME). For the past five years, Government agenda has increasingly promoted the need to create a sustainable and prosperous manufacturing sector. KMC with its knowledge, services and network is planning to build a modern Centre for Manufacturing Excellence that will support the above mentioned agenda. Small and medium-sized businesses play a critical role in Kosovo’s economic development, accounting for majority of businesses and all jobs. Hence, the main objective of the KOCME will be to inject vitality into SMEs through specifically working to cater for the needs of companies in the field of Skill Development and Trainings, Research & Design, Manufacturing Competitiveness, and Global Best Practices. Also, it will help to create an environment where it will promote management innovation. KOCME will play an important role in making Kosovo as a competitive location for investment, with a focus on attracting investors with export potential. KMC is working closely with partners for the establishment of the center. In this regard, KMC is seeking to engage a consultant company in order to develop the Project Proposal for KOCME that will include Business Plan.



The general objective is to establish competitive modern Centre with all attendant facilities.


The main objectives of the KOCME will be:

  • To offer manufacturing companies a chances of accelerating growth alongside other business with similar ambitions.
  • To promote the development of manufacturing sector and to be the catalyst for economic growth within Kosovo.
  • To further incentives uses of modern approach in science, engineering and technology in the manufacturing sectors.
  • To provide a range of high quality facilities that will provide support to SMEs, budding entrepreneurs and even international companies.
  • To support companies in the process of designing and developing prototypes of the product, by offering local and international expertise.
  • KOCME will be an inspirational environment for learning and business growth.
  • KOCME will help companies find and employ local people, to up-skill and develop staff to their full potential and deliver the results they are aiming for.
  • KOCME will provide the facilities to support the development of the skills and attitudes needed by young people entering the workplace to support company’s growth plans. The main sectors will be: food technology, mechatronic, metal processing, wood processing, textile and catering.
  • KOCME will train the existing staff of the companies to increase productivity and as a result improve competitiveness.
  • KOCME will support business managing through the challenges and opportunities of scaling up a business.
  • To organize conferences, workshops and other activities that will raise the awareness about manufacturing sector.
  • To build a center based on BUTGEM model in Turkey Bursa.


In order to be successful KOCME will need to have the following facilities:



Activities and Deliverables

The following tasks, deliverables are proposed for this business plan as to be expected from the consultancy company.


Consultancy Company will:

  • Develop a Business Plan that will include the following:
    • Prepare three cost-analysis scenarios for the construction of the Centre:
      • Building it from the scratch.
      • Renovating existing building.
      • Renting new building.
    • Services Provided by the Centre.
    • Individual Costs of establishing training programs provided by the Centre in the field of:
      • Mechatronic
      • Metal Processing
      • Wood Processing
      • Textile
      • Food Technology
      • Catering
    • Budget for construction and development of the Centre.
    • Budget for operating costs of the Centre.
    • Develop marketing and promotion plans for attracting potential investors/donors to support KOCME.
    • Develop financing models and funds mobilization strategies for the implementation of the project.
    • Develop a strong management model that will implement the project.


Deliverables and Timeframe

Below is the tentative table of deliverables.  Please note that this is subject to change upon discussion with the hired company


  Activities Timeframe
1 Identify potential site for the construction of the Centre October 2018
2 Identify Services Provided by the Centre October 2018
3 Identify Training programs provided by the Centre October 2018
4 Preparation of Budget for construction and development of the Centre October 2018
5 Preparation of Budget for operating costs of the Centre October 2018
6 Develop marketing and promotion plans for attracting potential investors/donors to support KOCME Mid-November 2018
7 Develop financing models and funds mobilization strategies for the implementation of the project Mid-November 2018
8 Develop a strong management model that will implement the project Mid-November 2018
9 Final Business Plan Report Mid-November 2018


Technical and Financial Proposals

In order to achieve the objectives of the assignment, the consulting company will be expected to take complete responsibility for all the activities identified in this ToR. The Technical Proposal should contain inter alia; a complete description and explanation of the proposed methodology for the Assignment (work plan), time-line, staffing, names and qualifications of allocated personnel and any other resources available to execute the assignment and achieve the objective. The Financial Proposal should stipulate the fees for the assignment. The financial proposal for this contract is based on a global price. The Technical and Financial Proposals shall be evaluated by the KMC and its partners. The financial offer should be submitted without VAT as KMC is exempt from all taxes.


The proposal needs to contain the following:

  1. Organization description
  2. Previous similar project descriptions
  3. Technical part
  4. Financial part
  5. Proposed staff CV-s
  6. Annex: 1 Certificate of business registration



  • Deadline for submission of technical and financial offer is on the 5th of October, 2018 at 16:00.
  • The proposal should be sent to Kosovo Manufacturing Club in English at the following email: [email protected]